Movie Title:

Duration : 1:36 min
Producer : EGA productions
Director :  Princess Nnochiri
Genre.  :    drama
Kevin Pam (A Nigerian:Winner of big brother Africa)
Miriam Ismaile ( Tanzanian Actress)
Daniel Ikodor
treasure Nnochiri
Jonas mugabe
Flavian Steven
Yahaya janeto
Careening mike
Nyanzala kilima
Sweety Amiuniel
Anthony Sabastain
Shifta Ahmed
County : Tanzania
Language : English /Swahili
Format : 4k
Year of production : 2021


Henry a playboy Maltreats Adila, his girlfriend because of her weight. This affects Adila’s self-esteem and she registers in a gym. Thompson the gym instructor takes likeness to Adila even though he has a girlfriend. Thompson’s girlfriend, Lilian, who is a celebrity is always busy and invests little time and attention to their relationship.

As both Thompson and Adila share the same issues in their relationships, they become closer. Adila finally leaves Henry when she finds him cheating and moves in with Thompson. Adila soon finds out that she is pregnant but keeps it away from Thompson. Henry soon realizes his mistake and tries to win Adila back.

Thompson finds out he is Adila’s long lost brother when he visits her family house. This revelation leaves him disturbed coupled with the fact that Adila is now pregnant for him. He confronts his adopted father to admonish him, and also finds out that he is sterile and cannot father a child. Adila realizes that the child is Henry’s when she goes for a proper consultation with her doctor. Thompson professes his undying love for Adila even while she is heavy with her bastard child.

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